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MyST Markdown

Project Overview

A MyST project is collection of MyST markdown files and Jupyter Notebooks with a configuration file myst.yml in the root directory. These files may be structured by defining an explicit table of contents _toc.yml in the same directory as the configuration file, or MyST will infer the structure from the directory structure. The project config may define a specific file to be the index file; it may also define a list of files to exclude.

Aside from structuring your project, the project config in myst.yml defines project frontmatter, fields such as author, keywords, etc. This frontmatter applies to all pages in the project and may be substituted when the corresponding field is not defined on the page.

You may use the myst init command to initialize a MyST project in an existing directory.

#MyST Site

A site configuration may also be defined in a myst.yml file. A site can reference one or more projects, defines additional frontmatter, and provides templating settings to build websites.