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#Community-driven tools for the future of technical communication and publication

#MyST extends Markdown for technical and scientific communication

MyST makes <wiki:Markdown> more _extensible_ & **powerful** to support an ecosystem of tools for computational narratives, technical documentation, and open scientific communication. :::{important} # Our Values We believe in a community-driven approach of open-source tools that are composable and extensible. :::

#The MyST Ecosystem

JupyterVSCodePythonJavascriptSphinxLaTeXMicrosoft Word

#Create Online Books

Jupyter Book uses MyST markdown to create online books and tutorials from computational content.

#Create Scientific Publications

Create interactive scientific publications for the web or export to PDF, LaTeX and Microsoft Word.

#Create Python Documentation

Use MyST in your Sphinx or Docutils software documentation

#Projects and Ecosystem

MyST can be rendered and transformed by a variety of tools.

#An ecosystem for the next generation of technical communication

MyST is a powerful authoring framework that supports blogs, books, articles and journals.

#Open Community

The MyST ecosystem is an open community supported by The Executable Book Project.